Officials warn about illegal substances found at Gwinnett County convenience stores


By FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team Published January 26, 2022 1:14PM Gwinnett CountyFOX 5 Atlanta

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Officials are warning Gwinnett County convenience stores and residents about potentially dangerous substances that could be sold as "seemingly" legal low THC oil and other products.

The Gwinnett County District Attorney's Office says they have been investigating multiple cases in the last year of the sale of these substances in stores throughout the county. While the products could appear legal, officials say they contained controlled substances.

Georgia law allows for hemp and some hemp-related products to be legal so long as they have a delta-9-THC concentration of no more than 0.3 percent. However, many of these products use delta-8-THC, which remains considered a schedule I controlled substance. People who possess this or delta-10-THC can be charged with a felony.

Officials say other products, which are sold under names like Psych, Solar, Atom or Atomic Drop, Blaze, Chrome, and Blue Myst, also contain other schedule I substances such as indazole amide and indole carboxamide.

Investigators say these substances remain illegal and in some can be lethal to the user.

"The Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office is committed to protecting the citizens of Gwinnett County and others and has a vested interest in ensuring that illegal and dangerous controlled substances are not being distributed in Gwinnett County and to our citizens," the office said in a statement.

Anyone found to be possessing, selling, or in any way distributing these substances could risk having their assets seized by the state of Georgia.

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