MPD Reports: Arrest for possession of ‘magic mushrooms,’ complaint of 10-year-old for battery/family violence against her


The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 3 – 10, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Vehicle -Highway 11 South – Anonymous complainant stated a pick-up truck with a dirt bike in the back was driving recklessly. Negative contact.
  • Other Law – Booth Dr/Tyler St -Stephen Baldwin called in reference to providing proof he has permission to take scrap metal from the location from the owner. Handled by D-Shift Officer.
  • Shoplifting – West Spring St (Wal-Mart) – Female subject was cited and released for shoplifting.
  • Traffic Offense -North Broad St & East Highland Ave, Male subject was stopped for a red light violation. A probable cause search was conducted due to the odor of marijuana. Over an ounce of marijuana was located in the vehicle, digital scale, and a stolen firearm was located under the driver’s seat. Firearms were stolen local and recovered local. Vehicle towed by Taylors
  • Firearms – 411 S Madison In reference to multiple shots heard. Officers searched the area and were unable to locate anyone hurt, or property damage.
  • Suspicious Person – West Spring St in reference to an unknown woman that appeared intoxicated, area checked, no contact.
  • Dispute – Towler St. In reference to several subjects. They were all drunk and being loud. They were told to quiet down. Nothing further.
  • Dispute – Nowell St Dispute between two subject. One was arrested for battery FV.
  • Traffic Stop – Hwy 138 at Great Oaks Dr. A male subject was stopped for a brake light violation. He was arrested for possession of schedule 1 (psilocybin mushrooms), and brake light violation.Vehicle impounded by Jays
  • Juvenile Complainant – E Fambrough St.; Contact made with both subjects. Both advised the two of them were in a verbal argument.
  • Dispute – West Marable St in reference to physical dispute between two subjects. One was arrested for F.V. charges and Battery on LEO and felony obstruction.
  • 911 Hang Up/Domestic – West Spring St. Physical dispute between a woman and her 10-year-old daughter. Juvenile complaint for simple battery FV completed.
  • Fight – West Spring St in reference to several juveniles fighting one another. All of the subjects that were involved were gone when officers arrive,
  • Theft – West Spring St in reference to an unknown white male taking $20 from the self-checkout line. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle -East Spring St & North Broad St, Female driving around N Broad at a slow trying to locate her husband who was having an affair.
  • Suspicious Vehicle -Pine Park St, Uber driver followed the complainant home and sped past her house and blew his horn.
  • Domestic – S Broad In reference to a named subject throwing a bag on the bed and it is striking his girlfriend. He was located at the Waffle House on Spring St, where he spoke to officers. Situation mediated.
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