Update: One female subject charged as an adult, other subjects as juveniles in LHS student alleged assault


Incident happened in theater dressing room after school



The 17-year-old Loganville High School student charged as an adult in the alleged assault on a fellow male student has been arrested and charged with one count of false imprisonment. The other three subjects, a 16-year-old male and two 14-year-old females, have been charged as juveniles and as such their information has not been disclosed. Kelsey Julianna Hayes, 17, of Loganville was arrested, booked and has since been released on bond.

According to the incident report from LPD, the incidents allegedly took place in the LHS theater after school hours. They were reported to School Resource Officer Sgt. Dustin Peterson by Amanda McMillan, LHS assistant principal, on April 1 after the parents contacted the school inquiring about being able to prosecute the students involved.

The investigation was undertaken and charges have now been filed.

“The Loganville Police Department and particularly our School Resource Officers take cases and allegations of this nature with the utmost seriousness. We do not tolerate bullying behavior in any shape, form or fashion, for any reason, and I believe the charges made in this case reflect that stance,” LPD Chief Dick Lowry said.

Walton County School District has released a statement regarding the incident.

School leaders at Loganville High School were made aware of a student incident that occurred before Spring Break at an after school extracurricular activity. Student safety is a top priority and school officials are investigating the incident and working with law enforcement officials to ensure the district’s code of conduct and legal charges are appropriately enforced.

Walton County School District

Initial Story

LOGANVILLE, GA – (April 13, 2022) – The City of Loganville Police Department has charged four Loganville High School students, three of them juveniles, with false imprisonment, battery and reckless conduct after a fellow student was forced into a bathroom closet, held for a prolonged period of time and sprayed or doused with liquid cleaning products. During the course of the time he was held in the closet, the victim was allegedly also subject to harassing comments of a homophobic nature.

“Our School Resource Officers initiated an investigation of this incident and during the course of their inquiries, discovered there were two separate incidents on March 23, 2022 and March 31, 2022, which have resulted in the following charges being filed in this case,” LPD Police Chief said.

Suspect #1 (Adult):

  • One Count False Imprisonment (Felony)17-year-old


  • Two Counts False Imprisonment (Felony)16-year-old
  • One Count Simple Battery (Misdemeanor)
  • One Count Reckless Conduct (Misdemeanor)

Suspect # 3 (Juvenile):

  • One Count False Imprisonment (Felony)14-year-old
  • One Count Reckless Conduct-Party to the Crime (Misdemeanor)

Suspect #4 (Juvenile):

  • Two Counts False Imprisonment-Party to the Crime (Felony)14-year-old
  • One Count Reckless Conduct – Party to the Crime (Misdemeanor)

Lowry said he expects the 17-year-old to have been arrested and booked by Thursday. On the juvenile offenders, he will have to review the relevant code prior to releasing any further information due to their age.

Editor’s Note: Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

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